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15 Tips for Tourists to not to Attract Unwanted Attention

15 Tips for Tourists to not to Attract Unwanted Attention

Many people are the objects of unwanted attention, celebrities, and tourists in particular. Here are 15 ways you can avoid unwanted attention from now on if you are careful.

1. Keep The Conversation Brief

People can be curious and curiosity is no sin. Still, some people can be annoyingly intrusive with their probing questions. When you meet someone like that, keep the conversation brief. You may sound abrupt but you need to get out of there before the attention gets too intrusive.

2.Quickly Slip Away

When you meet someone who cannot help staring at you or making loud remarks on your clothes and posture, quickly make an excuse or introduce the person to someone else. Even if that someone else is a friend, quickly introduce the troublesome gnat and slip away before he or she spots you.

3.Mention You’re Already Taken

If the unwanted attention is from a person of the opposite sex who is trying to get a date out of you, it’s best to mention you’re seeing someone. Mention this even before the other person has a chance to make a move on to you. Keep a fictional name for your significant other so that you don’t fumble when you answer.

4.Pretend You Have To Make A Call

The moment you are spotted by the person you’re trying to avoid, grab your cell phone, wave to the person and pretend you’re on a very important call. Or, if the person has already cornered you, say a brief hello, hit your forehead and pretend you’ve got to make a very urgent call pronto.

5.Pretend To Be Sick

If someone refuses to leave you alone at a party, pretend to be sick with a contagious situation. Most people are scared of germs, so coughing or sneezing volubly can keep annoying people away. If that doesn’t work, collapse on a chair and gasp out your sordid secret of a contagious disease you’re scared to pass on. No one will bother you all night.

6.Pretend To Fall Asleep

If you’re at a bar and a guy starts making a play for you, smile encouragingly and mention you’re dead on your feet. If the guy still doesn’t leave you be, start yawning and shutting your eyes, while pretending you’re trying hard to fight sleep. Put your head on your arms and ‘fall’ asleep if the guy still doesn’t move away.

7.Avoid Eye Contact

If you’re trying to avoid someone, the best thing you can do is to avoid eye contact. It’s hard even for nosy and annoying people to come over and bang your shoulder to get your attention. They will first try to make eye contact. Keep your eyes fixed firmly on your jacket, bag, phone, or some window display till the offending person goes away.

8.Use The Word ‘But’

If you’re invited on an impromptu coffee date or to if someone tries to drag you to see something they want you to see, tell them you’d love to, ‘but’ you’ve got another appointment. Make it sound as though you sincerely regret not accompanying them on their jaunt.

9.Use Camouflage Tricks

Wear sunglasses and keep your hair covered inside a hoodie so that no one recognizes you. Hide those aspects of your personality that are easily recognizable, such as your hair and your eyes.

10.Ignore Obvious Come-Ons

If someone’s trying very hard to attract your attention in a bar or at a party, do your best to ignore them. You can try looking elsewhere, focusing on your phone, or staring right through the person. Most people would be deterred by these measures, and for the remaining few, get someone to help you out.

11.Don’t Wear Clothes That Attract Attention

If you want to avoid attention, you need to remain incongruous; dress in such a way that you’ll blend in rather than stand out. Avoid very bright colors that call out for attention.

12.Dress According To The Local Culture

When you’re in conservative areas of the world, dress conservatively. Watch what people wear and dress accordingly to avoid unwanted attention. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes that might tempt men to touch your body.

13.Stick To A Group Of Women

If you’re a woman traveling alone, stick to a group of women or to a family to avoid unwanted attention. Avoid eye contact and ignore gestures from strange men indicating they’d like to come closer to you.

14.Don’t Talk To Strangers

Avoid speaking to strangers. Even if you do need to ask for directions, select a family group for information.

15.Never Volunteer Information

Never volunteer information about yourself, such as your name, home location and so on. Measure your words carefully, especially with a stranger.

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