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Beach Safari Guide: 7 Top Destinations in the Indian Ocean

Beach Safari Guide 7 Top Destinations in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third-largest body of water in the world. It is bounded by four continents divided into forty-five countries and territories. Its islands belong to the top tropical destinations in the world and certainly, one of the few places that you can call “heaven on earth”.


Brimming with romantic gardens, invigorating beaches, wildlife parks, as well as historic and religious sites, Mauritius has all the ingredients to become a bona fide tourist paradise. Visit Pamplemonsses Garden, which houses a lot of rare native species of plants, Casela Bird Park with hundreds of bird species, L’Etoile Nature Reserve, a covered land of dazzling green carpet, and the overwhelming white sand beaches and bluest seawater in Blue Bay. While for a taste of adventure, one can go hiking, canyoning as well as trekking and discover breathtaking views of nature. Enjoy the beach through scuba diving, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing, and even experience underwater submarine scooter adventure.


The archipelago, consisting of five heavenly islands, is Africa’s one of the finest beach destinations known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. There is a national park that covers most of the archipelago and protects the marine life making it the country’s unparalleled official marine reserve. One can experience sail away dhow safari, horse safari, game fishing and appreciate the fascinating coral reefs and other sea creatures through scuba diving.

Mnemba Island

The island is a tropical paradise located in Zanzibar Tanzania with famous beach lodges and a small forest filled with numerous antelopes. It is a breeding site for endangered green turtles. Tourists can experience watching it lay eggs first hand. One can explore the island and sea through snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, spice island tours, and enjoy the different species of fish through game fishing.


Seychelles, known as the paradigm of ecotourism, consists of two regions: inner Seychelles, composed of granite islands where the majority of people live, and the outer Seychelles, which is a coral-line island and mostly unpopulated. Tourists can venture into a jungle, watch various species of birds and tortoises and enjoy different lively nightclubs. Water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, and fishing, and land sports like squash, golf, tennis, horseback riding, hiking as well as biking could also be done.


The Maldives, which is composed of 1,192 coral islands, 200 of which are inhabited, is a tropical archipelago located south of India filled with the natural beauty of the series of archaic coral reefs around prehistoric volcanoes. The island is a famous surfing destination for its smooth waves and tourists can also go on activities like diving and snorkeling wherein they can find different amazing underwater species.


Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world and because of being isolated from the other continents for ages, different species of animals and plants had evolved, the majority of which can be found nowhere else in the world. Tourists can take pleasure in kite and windsurfing, deep-sea fishing to encounter various kinds of fish, and kayaking with the islands’ crystal clear and peaceful seawater to venture into the villages and unwind in hidden coves.

Reunion island

Reunion is a French overseas territory east of Madagascar; endowed with picturesque volcanic landscapes, mountain sceneries, and a tropical climate with white sandy beaches. It is an island best for exploring its astonishing mountainous sceneries and different outdoor activities like hiking and even tourist flights.

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