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Pro’s & Con’s of AirPods Pro Review

Pro's & Con's of AirPods Pro Review
Pro's & Con's of AirPods Pro Review

Pros of Owning an Airpords Pro

The benefits of having an apple AirPods Pro and also the negatives of purchasing an apple AirPods Pro now a lot of Apple users like myself Are dedicated to the company. We use strictly Apple products because we think they’re the most amazing thing to ever grace the face of Earth and really and truly they are they do everything with simplicity.

I have always enjoyed using Apple products from the moment the first iPhone was released which was the iPhone 3 I’ve always had an apple product always had AirPods when these new Apple AirPods Pro were released I was super excited like millions of other people headed straight to the Apple Store tested them out tested noise cancellation & non-interference they were soft they were easy to place in my ear they felt like they wouldn’t fall out

It’s just amazing they are fantastic if you want to completely zone out the Apple AirPods pro is a brilliant product for someone who isn’t interested in hearing the outside world once you do actually put these headphones in you click the button on the side and it has an option called noise cancellation what this does is filter out any outside noise which will disturb your music your phone call or just if you’re looking for that extra bit of Silence you can always plug it in and just turn on the noise cancellation this feature itself is probably the reason why you should definitely buy Apple AirPods pro.

It’s a great feature is brilliantly designed it just completely fits in your earlobes without it ever falling out and less you actually Yankee it out sometimes it’s so light and so undetectable you might not even notice you have it in unless you get a phone call and you hear it ringing in your air now these few things or few fundamentals that the Apple AirPods pro a must purchase

You can answer a phone call by the touch of a button you can instruct Siri to do millions and millions of tasks just by saying the name and then referring to the action that you want Siri to actually take all these things make the apple Airpods pro fantastic for a purchase even if you live in a busy lifestyle where you’re constantly on the move like I am

It suits me fine because I plug it in and off I go I do not need to worry about wires I don’t need to worry about it falling out of my ear and I definitely don’t need to be worrying about the charge because the battery life on the AirPods pro is fantastic you can get a good 8 to 9 hours worth of battery life as long as you’re not on the phone constantly 4 hours at a time

Cons of Owning an Airpods Pro

Does it hurt to actually state some negatives about an apple AirPods pro

Well, it Does,

Because as an advocate Apple user you expect everything to do with Apple to be absolutely perfect we worship apple we adore apple and we always go for Apple products, unfortunately, there are some cons there are some significant cons which I will clearly state in this blog for any potential person that wants to purchase this AirPods pro please read through this it’s a great product

I’m not taking anything away from it is fantastic and it has brilliant features main point that I would state is that after a few months of usage you will notice whether it be your right AirPods or your left will start making a crackling noise which was what happened to me.

My partner still has the old AirPods and she has never had this problem with the new ones I have dug deeper and it’s the same occurrence with other users after a few months of usage no matter how significant your users is whether it be in your left it or your right you will start detecting a small crackling noise

It might not be aggressive so you might not even notice it initially but after a few months, it will start getting louder and louder.

The problem I had my one completely malfunctioned when I was on lockdown during the peak of the pandemic so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pop into the Apple store

It caused me a lot of Inconveniences and annoyance because I absolutely love to plug my AirPods and watch my YouTube clips, Movies or listen to my music and zone out,

But unfortunately, once you have this crackling noise in your ear you cannot do this you can’t turn the volume up you have to use just one AirPods just to have any sort of experience that you actually enjoy

So yes is it a great product it’s a fantastic product does it have flaws absolutely another con that I have noticed after using Apple AirPods pro for well over a year now is the battery life even though it states you will clearly get battery life for 7 to 8 hours of usage that is very far from the truth the realistic hours that you will get is 2 to 3 hours before you have to take it back out and put it back in the case for it to charge up again

So yes there are annoyances to this but the main and the most fundamental annoyance is the crackling noise which will happen

Apple Stores Are more than happy to replace your Airpods

When I did pop into the Apple Store free of charge I was given brand new AirPods not the case just the pods the only problem is the new ones I have recently got from Apple Store the left one has started to make the crackling noise again

Now I will have to contact the Apple Store again I’ll have to explain my situation will have to test my AirPods again potentially they might give me another free air-pods

It’s not my fault or they will ask me to pay to repair the one that is faulty so before you do decide to cough up a lot of money for headphones be extra careful and just read other people’s experiences with Apple AirPods pro have never complained about a cracking noise but 90% of purchases that I have come across on internet forums Reddit Google just on different blogs sites have always had the same experience as me after a few months you will notice a crackling noise in any one of your AirPods sometimes it could be both of them but normally it’s just one from my experience is always the one on the left-hand side.

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