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London, Great Britain! What is he? We know about him from films and school textbooks. We know that there is  Big Ben, the Queen, and Madame Tussauds, that it is foggy all the time, and that all the stylish and famous consider it their duty to regularly go there for shopping. We seem to know a lot about him, and nothing at all at the same time. Maybe that’s why London seems so attractive. However, why it seems so.

London really has everything you need for a happy and fulfilling holiday. On this site, we have tried to collect the most detailed information that, we hope, will help you enjoy your vacation and love London as we love it.

We tried to collect the most interesting sights of London, among them, among other things, you will find museums in London, both paid and free, as well as information about attractions in the vicinity of London. After all, England is famous for its castles and beautiful places.

For those who are in London for the first time, it will certainly be interesting to get first-hand information about the city. We will advise and book excursions in London and excursions in England for you, both group and individual. For those who are not accustomed to using the services of a guide, in London, as in other European cities, there are other options to explore the city. 

In addition to attractions and museums, London is known for its theaters. For most Europeans, a trip to London is necessarily a trip to the theater, and Londoners themselves enjoy attending performances, musicals, and performances. Theaters in London, in addition, can be successfully combined with a trip to a restaurant. This is usually done by the British themselves. After all, going to the theater is always an event. 

However, you don’t have to be a theater-goer to appreciate the restaurants in London. After all, a vacation in London is not complete without going to a restaurant. We’ve handpicked the most interesting restaurants, categorized by area, price level, style, and cuisine, and we hope our small catalog of London restaurants will help you plan your holiday. 

Sightseeing, theaters, restaurants, museums, and exhibitions are the cultural dimension of a large and versatile London. However, after sunset, London continues to live. Nightclubs and discos open, colorful crowds of beautifully dressed youth rush to conquer hearts and trample dance floors. Nightclubs in London are known far beyond the borders of foggy Albion. In the dark halls of some discos, you can meet more than one celebrity sipping a cocktail to the groovy rhythms. A trip to London is a great opportunity 

It would be a crime to be in London and not visit one of its famous pubs. It’s kind of like bars, but still not quite. Wooden shelves, a persistent smell of beer, dark carpets that have been watching the change of visitors for more than a century, and, of course, colorful patrons, gossip, and drink lovers. Read about pubs in London and don’t forget to visit one of them for a glass of good beer.

And of course, shopping, a sweet word that makes many fashionistas around the world dizzy. Shopping in London is great prices, great choice and lots of fun. London is one of the world’s fashion capitals. And it is not without reason that most fashion designers and fashion houses open their offices primarily in London. Our directory of shopping districts, shopping centers, addresses of boutiques and fashion brands, and helpful tips will help you plan your shopping in London. 

And of course, we try to regularly update the poster of events in London so that you always know where to go and what to see in London!

We hope you find answers to your questions!

Good London to you!

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